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Shock Rebuild


Complete shock service

•Change oil

•Inspect seal


•Polish shock shaft

•Recharge with nitrogen

•Inspect shock seal replace if needed.

•Shock spring is rated for accuracy

--(shock oil seal replacement +$50 [estimated])


Forks revalve

$250 - $350

Complete rebuild and custom revalve per rider weight, skill level and type of riding.

•Disassemble fork

•Inspect bushings and wear parts

•Polish fork tubes (chrome tubes only)

•Re-surface valve pistons (for proper valve stack seal)

•Change oil

•Rate fork springs for accuracy

•Custom valving for rider

•Install new seals & wipers

•Reassemble fork

shock revalve

$250 - $350

Complete rebuild and custom revalve of the rear shock per rider weight, skill level and type of riding.


•Inspect all wear parts

•Custom valving for rider

•Change oil

•Polish shock shaft


•Install new shock seal

•Recharge with nitrogen

•Shock spring is rated for accuracy

PARTS & Other Services

Fork Springs (set)

Shock SPring

Cartridge kit install

- Includes SKF seals and bushing


- 2 oil seals 2 dust seals

fork travel indicator

shock seal head

shop hourly rate

$110 - $150

$110 - $130









Reserved for up to 2 riders per event. There is a $50.00 non refundable deposit due 5 days prior to the day. Payment by cash OR debit/credit card. 


Package comes complete with a full geometry configuration of the front forks and the rear shock; coupled with tyre pressure recommendations and hot pit seasons to understand and feel the motorcycle underneath the rider.

If you are a rider that is with another track day provider/event that is not listed in "scheduled" section, please contact me to schedule a coaching session via kendall@tripletsuspension.com.

*Additional details will be provided to rider(s) 5 days prior to booking

suspension tuning (on track)


You will get a baseline set-up with some mentoring into the evening. If after initial setup, you find yourself needed further adjustments due to your skills improving, and feedback from sessions you can stop by and have those adjustments completed.

suspension tuning (on Road)


hot pit


Riders are taken from the basics of what is known about the geometry of their motorcycle. You will learn to become more comfortable with the settings that have been provided to you by the manufacture. Do not be complacent with the factory settings because they ARE NEVER A GOOD OPTION! This suspension tuning process will lead you to know how to dial in your ride, then riding motorcycle to get a physical and visual experience of changes made. Those changes include fork and shock preload, then rebound, followed by, compression. This short teaching will last you as long as you are able to ride; along with, paying it forward to those that have not been privileged to attend. 

This option is an add-on from baseline set-ups. Reserved for Advance and CCS Riders only. Hot Pit sessions is based on appointment between sessions starting after 2pm. Appointments are scheduled/paid by lunch-time. These sessions will consist of pitting in very 3rd lap for minor adjustments (high speed compression, education on feedback and consistency) on Pit Row. 

*Additional details will be provided to rider(s) 5 days prior to booking

Additional services available upon consultation