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Having issues finding tire pressures online? Well, look no further, I have those recommendations from the source. Below choose the manufacture that you are looking to get the desired information that you seek. Slicks and DOT Race Tires are the only links available at the moment. You will be able to purchase tires from the trusted vendors listed below as well.


Disclaimer: These statistics are from the manufacture and not a representation of what I nor any member of my team would advise outside of those recommendations from those manufacturers of those tires.



We have worked through the years to develop a few work sheets for those that would like to record data. Having a data sheet is not to just help you to get faster but to improve on your rider wherever you are looking for that improvement. A data sheet will aid you in seeing your progress as you develop your riding over time. 


We have a racers data sheet and also a trackway rider data sheet. the main difference is the amount of data that is being recorded. A trackway rider may want to keep things simple; whereas a racer, would like to have as much data as possible to relate to his/her race engineer and to work through problems around the track and riding. The development of these worksheets are on going so please be sure to check back on those small changes that we may make down the path and course of the years to come. Thank you all for the input that has gone into the initial and continual launch of these data sheets.

race day sheet
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