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Product can help to reduce highsides, and build confidence in your riding. For best results, it is important that once receiving product that you get with a suspension technician that understands how this works to calibrate to your riding. 


Realtime device in motion

Dave Moss Testing


Introducing Supreme Technology, an Italian company with over 35 years of experience in the design, development and processing of components for the motor sports, motorcycles and cars as well as in the aerospace sector.


The device was developed in collaboration with Barni Ducati Team and the riders Michele Pirro and Michael Rinaldi who both use it in the race. It has been used and tested very successfully on the street with normal bikes, and on the racetrack, giving many advantages, though first of all is safety. The device has just been recognized by the Italian Motorcycle Federation as an important element of safety and has consented to its use in competitions in all national championships.


The Oversuspension project for street bikes consists of a revolutionary adjustable gravitational resonator that allows to mediate the frequencies generated by the suspension unit when the shock absorber is not effective, improving driving precision, traction, braking and generally the stability of the vehicle , contributing to vehicle safety both on the road and on the track.


In particular, the device provides to regularize or cancel the resonant frequencies of the oscillating arm when this passes from a state of unsprung mass to suspended mass, thus drastically reducing the rebounds of the pneumatic group on the asphalt.


The device also operates during the intervention of the ABS system, greatly improving braking, and during the intervention of the traction control systems for which it is of absolute benefit, then improves the electronically controlled suspension, where mitigating the occasional resonances makes the auto-calibration of the suspension more precise.


In case of wet conditions, it is able to reduce the phenomenon of aquaplaning, in the presence of uneven ground to reduce the structural stress of the vehicle.


Calibration: Performing the calibration is very simple:


1. Turn the red ring towards the (sign +) until it reaches the stroke end, in this way the spring that contrasts the mass will have the minimum calculated preload and the mass will resonate to agreater amplitude and a lower frequency.


2. Use the vehicle and try to pay attention to the sensation that you feel regarding the swinging of the rear swingarm in roughterrain, entry into corners, sharp braking and travel of the bent curve. 


3. Turning the red knob towards the (sign -) you will notice thatthe sensations that were perceived before will vary and will be more or less intense. Then rotate to the position where you will notice less oscillation of the rear and you will have a more direct feeling with the suspension.

Oversuspension Damper Device

PriceFrom $411.99
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