The evolution of lubrication fluids is a never ending story and Öhlins Racing is committed to offer the latest technology to all our customers.
This autumn we will launch a completely new shock absorber fluid with very high durability in both hot and cold conditions, and a viscosity as low as 11cSt at 40oCelsius. This lubrication fluid has a very high viscosity index and it will be a trusty friend in your shock for a long time thanks to an increase in the wear out performance. You will also experience less fading in your shock due to the new recipe.


Together with the new shock absorber fluid Öhlins Racing is just about to introduce a powerful, new range of front fork fluid that will give you the best possible performance when riding on your bike.


This new front fork fluid has a viscosity index that is almost three times wider than its predecessors, and it is designed

to lower the friction in your front fork, the engineers at STATOIL have found a way to cut it with more than 30%! Quick air release and high resistance against foaming is yet another two strong ingredients and combined with long life time this new front fork fluid is the perfect match for your front fork.



Ohlins High Performance Shock Oil

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