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If your bike is not listed, don't be alarmed. Fork tubes are made custom and there will be some measurements needed for those bikes that are not listed. 

Please provide your year/make/model and we will follow up with a what measurements are needed to proceed. 

Please keep in mind that this is custom application and prices may vary based on that application. Contact for a full estimate


This option will require that custom application to the fork bottoms to fit to the ceramic tubes. Either original equipment will be needed or comparible fork bottoms will need to be provided. 


Cearcarbon tubes are much stiffer than the original Ohlins tubes, and are about 20-25% lighter. The USD system serves to raise torsional rigidity and at the same time cannot twist in the fork bridge. Ceracarbon frontfork innertubes combine sheer lightness, reliable strength and low friction into a ultimate solution. CeraCarbon innertube is a all-purpose application suitable for most frontforks and fitable for most aftermarket cartridge systems.


The tubes can handle the same impact as an original tube, but it’s carbon/dyneema fibers so if you have a severe crash and the fibers are damaged is end of story. This would be the case with most tubes that are in a server crash. No repair possible, no bending back, no warrentee's, etc.


  • The outer tubes can be made plug and play. They will come with new bushings and fork seals.
  • These tubes are up to 75% lighter than the steel versions and are made out of CeraCarbon (Dyneema and carbon fibers coated with our ceramic layer).The combination of Ceramics and the Carbon is the special part of the process made with extreme wear resisting carbon parts.The inner tubes require some cutom work and customer fork bottoms are needed (or sources) along with cartridges to make some adjustments to make it fit. Inner Tubes are made of a carbon fiber body with a ceramic layer on top. Forkbottoms and innertubes are glued together permanently.


CeraCarbon USD Inner Fork Tubes

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