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Shear stable and ultra-high viscosity. Suspension fluids protect seals, minimizes foaming, reduces temperature and reduces stiction and running friction under the most extreme racing conditions.


100% Synthetic Red Racing Suspension Oil for Off-Road & Street Bike Suspensions.

  • Minimizes Foaming for Maximum Control

  • Reduces Friction for Superior Handling

  • Formulated for Racing Machines

  • Prevents Seal Hardening

  • Shear Stable

  • Eliminates Wear


Blud Lubricants® produces 100% synthetic oils and lubricants that are designed and engineered to enhance the precision engineered vehicles that use the product.

Blud Lubricants'® signature products (Scorpion Blud, Blud Racing Pro Series and Blud Racing Pro Elite Series) were created to bring out the highest level of performance and protection for all types of racing: dirt track, sprint, endurance, road, off-road, desert, enduro, motocross, supercross, karting, drag, hi-speed boat and a host of others.


Blud Lubricants® is the creation of Jefferson Green, owner of American Synthol, Inc. ("ASI"), and his team of synthetic lubricant specialists. ASI has been producing synthetic lubricants for the toughest conditions in the industrial market since 1983.

Blud Lubricants Suspension Fluid - PRO SERIES

PriceFrom $21.99
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