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Blud Lubricants® produces 100% synthetic oils and lubricants that are designed and engineered to enhance the precision engineered vehicles that use the product.

Blud Lubricants'® signature products (Scorpion Blud, Blud Racing Pro Series and Blud Racing Pro Elite Series) were created to bring out the highest level of performance and protection for all types of racing: dirt track, sprint, endurance, road, off-road, desert, enduro, motocross, supercross, karting, drag, hi-speed boat and a host of others.


Blud Lubricants® is the creation of Jefferson Green, owner of American Synthol, Inc. ("ASI"), and his team of synthetic lubricant specialists. ASI has been producing synthetic lubricants for the toughest conditions in the industrial market since 1983.



Scorpion Blud Moto Racing Engine Oils are ultra premium mPAO based fluids designed for the most extreme stresses of racing. These oils will give the racer protection and performance during a race that will allow them to focus on winning. Check out the chart to the right for the results of Scorpion Blud versus its competition. As you can see Scorpion Blud has outstanding oxidation resistance.


100% Synthetic mPAO Based Red Racing Oil

  • For Engine, Transmission, Wet-Clutch

  • Excellent Oxidation Resistance Compared To Other Leading Brands

  • Exceeds OEM Warranty Requirements

  • Maximizes Performance With Increased HP & Torque

  • Reduced Wear Resulting In Longer Engine Life

  • Designed For 4 Stroke Engines

  • Excellent For 2 Stroke Transmission/Wet Clutch

  • Meets And Exceeds JASO Standards

  • Improved Fuel Economy

  • Helps Engine Run Cooler In Extreme Heat

Blud Lubricants Fluid - SCORPION BLUD SERIES

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