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Blud Lubricants® produces 100% synthetic oils and lubricants that are designed and engineered to enhance the precision engineered vehicles that use the product.


Barracuda Blud™ is specially formulated for the most brutal racing conditions on Earth- extreme heat, high humidity, silt, and mud - and has been used by professional riders and teams in events including the Baja 1000, Baja 500, Mint 400, and Vegas to Reno and a host of others.


Barracuda Blud™ is our reformulated version of the Pro and Pro Elite Series oils. Our improved proprietary additive pack allows us to combine the two series into one while giving the rider/racer improved protection. The new oil is designed for unparalleled thermal stability, reduced engine wear, and ultimate protection. Barracuda Blud™ resists oxidation over 2x as long as our competitor racing oils. Why choose 2nd best? Run your machines with Blud to see and feel the difference. Blud Racing Barracuda Blud™ oils are tough.


100% Synthetic 4T Severe Duty Motorcycle Red Racing Oil
For Engine, Transmission, & Wet Clutch

  • Meets & Exceeds API, SL, & JASO MA MA2 Specifications
  • Formulated for Extreme Environments
  • Exceeds OEM Warranty Requirements
  • Will not VOID your OEM warranty
  • Maximizes Performance with Increased Horsepower & Torque
  • Reduced Wear Resulting in Longer Engine Life
  • Designed for 4 Stroke Engines
  • Not Detrimental for Engine Break In
  • Helps Engine Run Cooler in Extreme Heat

Blud Lubricants Fluid - Barracuda SERIES

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