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 Hypersport NIX 30 Cartridge Kit

$1,300 (08790-xx series springs are included)

Whether heading for a National Roadracing title or just taking your bike to the local race track, the cartridge kit offers loads of performance, stability and superior suppleness. This kit has a unique design, where the compression damping is taken care of the left fork leg while the other controls rebound damping. This allows not only for a more precise function and better stability, but also the possibility of having all adjustments conveniently placed at the top of the fork, together with the spring preload adjusters. The cartridge kit fits bolt on and is easy to install in most standard hypersport front forks. Note! This kit is delivered without springs.



FGK 221 Suzuki 2012-2020 GSX-R 1000

FGK 208 Suzuki 2006-2010 GSX-R 600

FGK 217 Suzuki 2011-2019 GSX-R 600/750

FGK 208 Suzuki 2006-2007 GSX-R 750


If installed with us, we install new SKF PREMIUM Fork Seal kit along with fork travel indicator. Contact us for installation options.


(If you don't see your year/model, please contact us for verification of availability of product).

Öhlins NIX 30 Cartridge Kit for Suzuki

  • Shock can be shipped to you or our shop for pickup. Domestic Free Shipping ONLY.

    • Includes complete internal cartridge.
    • New 30mm compression pistons, new 30mm rebound pistons, new piston rings, new shims, complete set of one-way valves and new washers.
    • Easier setting changes made for individual preferences.
    • One adjuster per side.
    • Recommended track settings included.
    • External rebound damping and compression damping.
    • External spring preload adjusters (one per side).
    • Your choice in spring rate (based on your weight and preference).
    • Same 25mm fork springs that are on the R&T forks.
    • Works with stock fork sliders and bottoms, so they are Supersport legal in nearly all regions.
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