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Your one stop for all your motorcycle suspension needs!


Required maintenance that will keep you safe and consistent whether you are a street, trackday rider or racer. 



Giving trackday riders and racers an safe and competitive edge while pushing the limits as a adventurous rider.


Street, Trackday, & Racer suspension setups to help you enjoy your bike a little more with safety being the primary objective.



  • Suspension Workshop 101
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    This will be part of a two part series with suspension education on basics of suspension/chassis and a group ride. Setting up suspension for those that attend the workshop will be included.

Want Triple T Suspension at your next event?


Triple T Suspension is a motorcycle suspension shop, providing services to enhance performance both on and off the track. Our services include suspension rebuilds and re-valving, suspension upgrades, and light engine work; additionally, we provide one-on-one coaching to ensure our clients get the highest level of enjoyment and safety from their motorcycle. 

Triple T was found in 2015 by Kendall Williams, III. Kendall became enamored with anything requiring fuel at a very young age, with a particular fondness for motorcycles. His love for 2 wheeled machines eventually grew into a deep passion, leading him to seek out opportunities to educate himself on the mechanical skills necessary to maintain and improve vehicle performance. Thus, he sought out and solidified mentorships with seasoned mechanics, who helped expand his mechanical knowledge, while he worked on his and his friends’ motorcycles to sharpen his skills. 

Kendall’s decision to place an emphasis on motorcycle suspension was born out of tragedy: during a group ride with several other riders, a young, novice rider lost control and crashed, taking his last breath in Kendall’s arms. It was later discovered that the rider’s bike had a spring that was far too stiff for his weight; his suspension settings were completely out of tune.

This tragedy drove Kendall to dedicate all of his free time to further educate himself, as well as fellow motorcyclists, on the importance of suspension tuning. One day, he emailed one of the most renown suspension experts in the business, Dave Moss, simply to thank him for the comprehensive videos about suspension available on his website; this email was the beginning of a great friendship, that eventually evolved into a mentorship in 2010. They now share the same mission: to continue to spread knowledge about motorcycle safety and self-awareness. 

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