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2023 Moto America official Tire Warmer

Fully digital temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Fully adjustable temperature, from 35° F to 210° F. These tire warmers have been optimized for racing and are designed to provide the tire with the most consistent heating possible. Our warmers include the following features as standard for one great price and no strings attached.

  • Heats the entire surface of the tire, including the critical side of the contact surface. This is a critical area missed by many brands.

  • Fully digital display with current and set temps displayed.

  • Fully adjustable temperature up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Optimized heating element allows for better heat soak through both the tire and wheel.

  • Properly covers the entire surface of the tire allowing for proper heating, something that is only offered on warmers costing upwards of $700.

  • Race Ready. Race Proven.


Included with purchase: 1 front tire warmer, 1 rear tire warmer, 1 digital controller, 1 storage bag.

Redline Moto - Racing Tire Warmers

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